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Submitted by ravenclaw on Tue, 11/02/2004 - 14:31.

As many of you know, I play in the wee hours of the morning. I work nights, and so this is when I play. When I am online, the predominant nationality of the players is Japanese. There are also some Europeans, but they are too low to really party with me yet. Aside from my Asian brothers and sisters, I have a small number of friends I've made from the states (and Canada) who work nights like me. Several of us have formed a little psuedo-static party.

We have me (RNG/THF, if you didn't know), a SMN/WHM (our main healer), a NIN/WAR (our main tank), a MNK/WAR (backup tank and DD), a BLM/WHM (backup healer) and then a RDM/WHM and a BRD/WHM which we change out as needed. On the surface, this all seems great.

Submitted by ravenclaw on Thu, 10/14/2004 - 17:03.

From statistics pointed out before we know that there are quite a few people in this clan. However, due to schedule differences, I never see you guys!

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