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Submitted by sam on Mon, 05/23/2005 - 13:35.

Just wanted to get on and let everyone know of my schedule for the next few weeks. Because of my impending wedding and honeymoon, I will be pretty hard pressed for time to play. I will definately be around, and will undoubtedly mule, but for those who want to be able to play with me, I'll give you my schedule:

  • Week of May 22nd->28th

    • 23rd-26th : Jessica comes in to town this week. I will mule and I may be on Tuesday or Wednesday, but not for very long.
    • 27th-28th : This weekend, I will be in Illinois visiting Jessica's family and friends.
  • Week of May 29th->June 4th
    • 29th-1st : Jessica still here, most likely wont play much.
    • 2nd-4th : I will have some preparations to do here for the wedding, but I certainly plan on playing this weekend. Anyone wanna throw me a virtual bachelor party? Could we get nekkid dancing Mithra? :-)
  • Week of June 5th->11th
    • 5th-9th : I will be around, and may play a bit.
    • 9th-11th : I fly out on the 9th. Leave on the honeymoon on the 11th.
  • Week of Juen 12th->18th
    • Honeymoon. No playing (unless I can convince my house sitter to play for me :-)
  • Week of June 19th->25th
    • Drive Jessica back to Indy on 19th. Most likely get here on 22nd. I should be back that weekend to play

So there is my schedule. If you want to play with me any time over the next month or so, it looks like the absolute best times will be:

  • June 3rd-6th
  • After June 22nd
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