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Week of 2005-09-10 : Garrison Event
Submitted by sam on Sat, 09/10/2005 - 13:28.
When? Saturday Sept. 10th @ 7pm EST (6pm CST, 5pm MST, 4pm PST)

Where? Valkurm Dunes

Level cap? 30

What do you need?

We will be doing another Garrison event this weekend. Once again, it will be level 30 capped. Because Sand'Oria controls the dunes, we will be aiming for the Valkurm Dunes Garrison. If you are Sand'Orian, please obtain the Galka Fang Sack. Meanwhile, Bastok controls Buburimu Penninsula, which means if we try it at all, we will need some Bastokians with the Mithra Fang Sack. This week, Windhurst does not control either area, so Windhurstians need not collect any items for our Garrisons.

Why are we starting so early?
If you played last time then you know that because we started so late several of us we up well into 4am. Put simply, we have players spreading from EST to PST, so we have to accomodate those players on the east coast as well as those on the west coast. That being said, the time is still open for discussion. Please post here with your prefered time. If enough people post wanting it later, we will certainly change it.

What is Garrison?

I will quote what I wrote for the last Garrison.

A Garrison is a level capped event where you defend an outpost from several waves of attacking hordes. Each wave has several normal enemies, and one boss-type enemy (who is stronger in some way than the normal enemies).

Fighting alongside of you in the Garrison are a number of NPCs. These NPCs must be kept alive. If the NPCs die, then the Garrison is over and you lose.

In between waves, you have a very short time to regroup. If you intend on resting (to get more MP, for example) then you will have to do it during the battle, or bring food to help you out.

There are two ways we can do these Garrisons: Kite or All-out-warfare.

Kite is where we have two or more parties (so an alliance of 12 or more). One party has a Ninja (or another tank with high evasion or defense) who is willing to take the boss from each wave and run around the field (dragging them like a 'kite') while the rest of the team kills the enemies.

All-out-warfare is really only possible if you have three full parties or 18 players in an alliance. If you have 18 people, then kiting is no longer necesary as you can just pummel the enemies to death quite efficiently.


Please post if you are planning on coming and what job you plan on bringing. As we get commitments, we will set up tentative team layouts.

  • Maior (MNK/WAR)
  • Thersities (WAR/MNK) -putting you as WAR/MNK for damage now, anticipating having Ray be WAR/NIN for kiting
  • Kitchel (THF/WAR) -will fill role until arive
  • AthrunZala (DRK/WAR)
  • Joza (WHM/RDM) -Joza, I don't know your in-game name
  • Xilldon (BLM/WHM) -No DC'ing, please :-)
  • Raytien (WAR/NIN) -haven't gotten confirmation from Ray yet, but assuming he'll be there
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----
  • ----


Whooo.. I just loged off and the Garrison was great!! I know I didn't get there in time for all them but I got in on 3 and they were excellent. They went so fast I never knew what wave we were on.
We got alot of Items and Dragon Chronicles.
I can't wait untill the next one!!

Late Notice

Yeah, I suck, so sue me. I'll be there to fight. WAR/NIN ready and able.



This is going to be a real wild card night... I've gotten confirmation from a couple dozen folks, but not everyone has confirmed on the site. So... who knows :-)

Vis Maior's Journeys

I'm Sorry

I just got called into work at 1:00 Pm, they want me to come in at 4:00 and they want me to close. I won't be able to get on untill about 10:00ish. XD
I hope I can still jion at that time, if everyones still doing Garrisons.
Again I'm sorry for not being able to come at the start but tonight there is new sales tags that have to be put out for next week.

yes of course

I'll be there and I'll play very similar role as lastime if thats whats needed of me. Holder, seller and distributor of items/funds. as well as kiter of mob with a blm team mate for spawn delay. i have items for many many garrisons and i know others are currently gathering ^^;

I'll see you all there


Yeah I figured you'd join, I just don't want to commit anyone to anything without their permission :-)

If it's alright with you, I think we will have you kite again. That worked very well the last time.

As for pool holder, last time it really was more out of necessity than anything (you had the most free space). I may have more space this time, and since you will probably be using a Garrison item this time (and getting your pick of the items that drop from it) I might just be pool master to help keep the pool seperate from your specific items.

Of course... I need to check my free space before I can commit to that :-)

Vis Maior's Journeys

Friend join

I have a rl friend who is intrested in joining us for the Event. He has a lvl 62 BRD and other jobs over 30. However, he might be busy when we start, but might be able to join later.
Is it alright if I give him and another of my rl friends, a Link Pearl?


I will be able to come as a WHM/BLM.
I would like some help getting the Mithra Sack needed for this LS Event though.

I'll help...

Coordinating time, however, will be rough.

Honestly, you may be the only Bastokian we have... so if we don't get you one it will only be one Garrison we'll be short on (i.e., it may not be a big deal.

You can still participate in the others... of course.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Thank You

Thank you Sam.
Arb said he'd help me get it on Friday.

this arbelast. count me in i

this arbelast. count me in i am going as pld/war or war/thf for dd


Hey All...^^
First time wrote something here this website...^^
lazy i guess...^^

Sure count me in...^^
Whm/rdm or Thf/nin...^^
Later all...^^

Firewing and I

Should be ready to roll. My wife may be heading to MS to help her mother get some items out of her house. I believe I should be around, but will wait til Thr. or Fri. to confirm.


You have your Black Mage I'll be sure to be there.


Kitchel THF

Kitchel says she can join us for garrison. But she can't log on till 6pm PDT. But that's OK, since we will probably be doing serveral of these late into the night.


grrr im still having trouble getting on here so i dunno....ask trix for the details :) lol

Count me in

Thersites can be a Tank (WAR/NIN) or Damage Dealer (WAR/MNK or WAR/THF) Also, one of our new LS members asked me to post that she will be available for LS events on Friday or Saturday: Tamara (WHM)



Num :-)

Num... DRK :-)

If we really need more tanks, we may have you be WAR/MNK. But my bet is we could use DRK more.

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