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2007-02-20 Site Administrative Update
Submitted by sam on Tue, 02/20/2007 - 22:14.

The update I mentioned here has been partially complete. I've upgraded to the latest Drupal and incorporated some new modules.

However, not everything is working perfectly. Read on for the details.

At the moment we have the following problems with the site:

  • Image Gallery template needs updating : The image gallery module has apparently changed since the 4.x code base, and the theme I created for FFXI ClanAM needs to be updated. Until it is upgraded, the image gallery can be assumed broken.
  • Older poll list only displays 15 polls : This is a really irritating bug that has been around in Drupal since our last big update. I have a work-around, but I haven't fixed it yet.
  • Events Calendar is way out-of-date : This calendar is made by hand by me. I simply haven't had the time to keep on it. Sorry, folks.

Additionally, we have lost the following plugin:

  • Privmsg: This was a plugin introduced a bit ago. However, it really wasn't used much, and the module no longer exists for the current version of Drupal. So, it had to go. Sorry :-)

As for new plugins, I've added the following:

  • Captcha : This is just to combat spambots. Read about Captchas here.
  • Buddylist : This disappeared in our last major upgrade, but the module is now being maintained again so I've brought it back.
  • Favorite Nodes : Think of this as a private bookmarking system exclusively for this site. Find a page or document you like? Mark it as a favorite one and you can keep track of it easier.

The problem is, right now I'm in the middle of doing two jobs (my normal one, and an outside contract). I am also going to be moving soon (my wife and I are purchasing a new home). The end result is that I don't have the time to fix the problems detailed above. So I ask that everyone is please patient until I get the time to fix things.

One more thing, when I finally get moved into my new home I will be finally starting a ClanAM End-Game for doing fun End-Game things like Assaults, Salvages, and possibly some HNM battles. (No Dynamis or big HNM battles :-) When I get some more time to detail how this will work, I will make an introductory post. Stay tuned.


The Buddylist module today was the source of a DoS attack. I have now disabled it.

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