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Submitted by Tamara on Sat, 06/16/2007 - 07:12.

First - no Wednesday CoP Run, it has been canceled until further notice.

Second - CONGRATULATIONS to all those who have beat CoP Promyvion-Vahzl!!! You now have a LOT of running around to do and a LOT of Cut Scenes to gather from all over Vana'diel.

We are on Promathia_Mission_5-3 which is generally thought of as three missions...

At this point you will need to read up on
Tenzen Path

Ulmia Path

Louverance Path
(concentrate on Tenzen's Path, though)
and you will need to click on Cid, Carbuncle, other NPC's three or four times to make sure they don't give you the wrong quest; Carbuncle has multiple CS's, as does Cid as I recall - these NPC's may NOT give you the CoP Quest first, so keep clicking on them until they do.

Your goal is to activate all three paths at once, hopefully in the same evening.

The first Path we will do is
if you don't have your CS's done you can go through the entire Tenzen Path fight for nothing, so beware of the sly Carbuncle! =^_^=

TENZEN PATH takes place in Pso'Xja inside a level 50 capped tower. The goal is to fight through each of Sixteen Stone Doors, each guarded by a Gargoyle. Rest periods can only happen (as I recall) after each set of four doors: map of the Sixteen Doors

So go see Cid, go see Carbuncle, click on both multiple times, see other folks too. Obey the Wiki!

Gather Together will be 10:30PM Eastern at the tower at J-8 in Beaucedine Glacier on Friday, June 22nd with your CS's already done and your level 50 gear on!

These are the people I am expecting to show up on Friday for Tenzen Path, outside the Beaucedine Glacier tower:
Drifter SMN
Lunamarie RDM
Tableandchairs not MNK
Slothimus SMN
Rakion NIN?
Kamustaka RNG? WAR?
Tamara WHM
Davros PLD
Janoric BLU
Avayr THF? (if you want, talk to me about purchasing some keys)
Icdeadtaru WHM

See all of you at the tower next Friday!

If we get Tenzen's Path out of the way then the Friday after Tenzen will be the Shikaree X, Shikaree Y, Shikaree Z fight.

Lots and lots of de-buffs

Okay. I don't know that Ulmia's Path is going to be that hard anymore, what with the recent changes.

For the Mithra fight - I have 12 or 14
already on a mule.

For the Snoll Fight - it used to be hard, but this too
appears you can now take 14 into just one fight.

But Ulmia's Path is not this week, that is for next week.

ready to rock

Im all through CSes, have a snow lily and the key (thank you Avayr)

Ready to roll!

Ghetto fab ftw

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