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I want Ninja!
Submitted by bombastic on Tue, 01/04/2005 - 15:50.

Okay, so it has been a really long time since I've been playing (sorry everyone, life got too complex there for a while) but I am back and I want Ninja! My 34 RDM is having a hard time finding parties (stupid BRDs) so I want to give RDM/NIN a whirl. I've seen them around, and they seem like fun. So, anyone want to help me get Ninja this weekend?

I need NIN

Welcome back Bomb! I need Ninja too, so I'm down to help out.

My one bit of advice is to be careful with RDM/NIN. First of all, it is one of those rare Melee/Mage mixes that actually can work out (like DRG/WHM), but a lot of people don't realize its use. Second of all, RDM/NIN is apparently REALLY hard to play. So I would read up on it before embarking on it (basically, I have met a lot of RDM/NINs, and only one of them knew how to play the job ;-)

The last bit of advice is that you'll have to level up WAR. NIN/RDM will absolutely NOT work in parties. So, if you want NIN to get to a high enough level where your RDM can use it, you will need to level up it as NIN/WAR (being, basically, a blink tank).

Don't listen to anything anyone else may say about being a NIN/THF or a NIN/RNG or whatever. NIN as a main job is a blink tank, pure and simple. NINs can't do enough damage to be considered much of a DD, and they can't hold hate really well without Provoke. If you are committed to using NIN at all, you will have to also level up WAR.

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hey Welcome Back!!! ninja are very helpful with pts:) which help me with less healing which = more sc's which= more exp :) and yea i heard about the rdm/nin combo..have u tried it kyler?xill? umm i dunno if i can help but i will try if u need some :)
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Ive tried it befor. It was go

Ive tried it befor. It was going to be my main SUB for RDM buh From what I did with it its nothing special. A small Atack boost and I;m not sure about the Ninjitsu. None look promissing for a RDM though.The only place i can see me doing it again is if there is a weapon that boosts something great so I could dual wield them. But from my experience I would stick with a Mage SUB.

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The truth behind RDM/NIN

Like I said before, RDM/NIN is more of an advanced (as in difficult to master) job combination that most people will not be able to do. Most RDM/NINs I have met sucked, but those few who rock, rock so hardcore as to make me a believer the combination can work... IF DONE RIGHT.

First of all, take a look at this analysis of RDM/NIN. He lays it all down on the line.

Second of all, from what I have seen from the RDM/NINs I have seen is that the job is really the best combination for solo play in the game, period. I have seen RDM/NINs take on NMs much higher than them and barely break a sweat. Dual weilding wands can give you greater boosts to spell casting stats than any of the mage subs can, and with Utsusemi and the others you have a stable of excellent abilities. The key, as far as I can tell, is not in any increased damage output you can do, but in how much more damage you can take.

So, I'll restate what I said before but more directly, RDM/NIN is a job combination that can work but only for expert players. I.e., if you don't have the dedication and determination to totally analyze the combination and figure out how best to play it, don't even try it. I certainly wouldn't have the patience for it, and I'm not about to try it ;-)

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Basically, we will need help because the leeches aren't too easy for any of us to kill solo just yet. There's plenty of nasty things around to aggro, and so the more the merrier.

Honestly, if it was just me, Bomb, Drifter, and one other person, we would be fine.

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Kitty Litter

Heh, and what am I? Chopped dhamel liver? I want in! I just need to know when so I can fit it in my schedule. This week I should be home around 7:30p MST. Otherwise I'll join you guys this weekend.

Any chance we could do SAM right after we grab NIN? I've got the supplies, just need the means. It'll give me a good reason to head back to Norg anyway.



yea that freakin tree will kill all of us then walk on us cause it has roots that make it walk and then it will stand on one of our bodies and and be like "WOOT"..."YOU JUST GOT OWNED" and then will probly disappear after we bloodport back to our hp and wait for another group of future SAM wannabies and then kill them too until one day a really high lvl goes and kills it then the high lvl'er will b like "WOOT"..."YOU JUST GOT OWNED" -END
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Uh... Yeah... What she said.

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No, you're not kitty litter ;-) I was just saying that NIN shouldn't be so hard as to require a whole bunch of us... But the more the merrier ;-)

SAM, on the other hand may be too hard. Basically, the bomb in Konschat is really easy and we can clobber him. But the treant in Zi Tah is rather high for us and I doubt we could do it without high level help.

The last time we had help for SAM it wound up costing me a lot of gil, and the guy still bitched and moaned, so I ain't doing that again.

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The quest is easy. Just alot

The quest is easy. Just alot of traveling inbetween Bastok and Norg. Youll need a higher lvl to help with the 3 leaches.

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Help with leeches

Actually, I don't think we will. The last time I was down there checking the leeches they were only DC to me. I am now 38, and we will have several 38-40s going down with us. We should be fine.

I am morally opposed to asking for high level help unless that help is a good friend of mine. I have been burned too many times in the past by jackasses who think they somehow are better than me or know more than me.

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Hi Lvl Help

I'd have to agree...but the two guys I found for my Mission 3-3 weren't that bad. I mean, we did what we set out to do and I didn't have to pay them in the end. *shrug* You really just take your chances. Hopefully, soon, I'll be high level help for our clan.



I didnt see this blog enty, have you guys already done this?

I'd be happy to tag along. I'll be getting on shortly.

Not Yet

No, we haven't, and I'm really curious when we are going to do it. If you guys finally get online today and decide to do it, please call me. I don't want to miss it, but I have no freaking clue when we're going to get together.


No show

Bombastic was a no show, and we never did it. I would like to do it for myself sometime soon though (I don't want to level up WAR without subbing NIN, same for RNG).

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just give a date and time and well see :)
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