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RDM returning to your ranks
Submitted by bombastic on Tue, 04/05/2005 - 13:45.

After 6 months I am back (thank you Sony :) I got burned out trying to get my RDM much past 32 (everyone always wanted BRD!) so I let my account expire. Now I am back because of the Return Home to Vana'diel and am ready to play in your ranks!

Looks like I missed a lot. Maior has a gardening guide (last time I talked to him he hated gardening). Raprot has oodles of guides out. Even Ravenclaw seems to have gotten in on the action.

Anyway, rank 3, level 32 RDM, level 16 BLM (will be leveling that this week unless someone wants to help me get NIN :) looking for thrils and excitement :)

Welcome back

And what's the big idea about moving to Italy?! Now we will never play together! :-P

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Welcome back! Well I'm at lvl 32 RDM also and ive never been turned down, then againmy current goal isnt to level. Most everyone is in there 40+ area. I can help you get Ninja later this week only if someone else comes to beat the leaches. Well anyways welcome back, time for me to log on.

"Are you the one just for me?"

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