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NInja pwns you in Ballista!
Submitted by ravenclaw on Mon, 07/18/2005 - 13:51.

For those who don't know (I play really early in the morning when there are mostly just mules) I recently got my RNG to 70 (yay! killed Maat! after 4 tries;;) Now I am trying to level up my NIN (which was 29, I know, I suck). I never really liked NIN (or WAR) because I hated tanking (Mithra suck at tanks), but I am doing okay now.

Maior has lit a fire under alot of our asses with his Ballista Guide so I decided to take NIN out to a Ballista when he hit 30. I wasn't expecting to do very well, but DAMN was I surprised^^

Firs of all, Maior's guide said nothing about this lovely little item, the Revitalizer. Know what it does? It resets all your ability timers. Yes, even your 2 hour!

So, in my Ballista we had 4 NINs. At first I thought we were doomed because the other side had more mages and diversity than us. But then a Galka NIN told us all to /quarry for both Petra and for Revitalizers. He explained us the following strategy:

1) Quarry for Petra and one Revitalizer.

2) Tonko to invis yourself.

3) Sneak up to a mage (preferably Taru) with full HP.

4) Mijin Gakure the tiny Taru's ass!

5) Wait for his friends to leave.

6) Allow yourself to respawn, and either score or let someone else who whacked at the mage score.

7) Pop the Revitalizer to reset the 2 hour timer, and repeat.

We pwnd the other team. And Sandy won (and we came in first place with nation rankings, due most likely to us, YAY US!)

FWIW, Mijin Gakure does damage roughly in proportion to your HP. So the Galka did the most damage since he had the most HP. However, my Mithra HP was more than sufficient to take out most mages in one hit.

70 RNG with 29 NIN sub?!

GWAR! Have I taught you nothing? At least you're working at it now... only 7 levels man, you can do it :-)

Yeah, I didn't know about the Revitalizer. I'll have to add that. That sounds like a killer item. And the NIN 2 hour would indeed be brutal. I'll add them both.

Also, the Revitalizer would be applicable to everyone. It makes DRG much more formidable (they can lose their Wyvern), lets MNK do multiple hundred fists (drool), and allows PLD to be invincible multiple times. Kick ass.

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