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Around Vana'Diel In 80 Days

Around Vana'Diel In 80 Days
Submitted by raprot on Tue, 12/14/2004 - 21:41.



When I began my adventures in Vana'Diel, I was nothing more than a young Mithra running around in my giant Saru backyard. I knew nothing of the outside worlds. It was magical just to breach the entrance of Giddeus, which was then very evil. Realms like San d'Oria and Jeuno were mythic places of lore that I had heard so many stories about. I still remember the feeling I had when Valsery and Maior walked me from the gates of Windhurst to the ship bound for Mhuara. I had no clue what would lie beyond. What monsters and mysteries would unravel before my eyes.

These days such intricacies are far beyond me. No longer is leaving Windhurst a rare treat. In fact, returning home has become the rare occurrence. Globetrotting on airships, chocoing across the lands, teleporting from outpost to outpost, there's so much to see and do. I've seen so many new sites and strange lands.

So, in an attempt to compile the wonders that are contained within Vana'Diel I have begun this book entitled "Around Vana'Diel In 80 Days". Truth be told, 80 days is a rough estimate. Whether they are Earth days or Vana'Diel days, I leave that up to you. My single goal is to pass what I've seen, read, and done into a single compilation. Something easy for all of you to sift through. It can be used as a reference as much as an answer to, "It's Sunday night, I'm bored and hanging out in Jeuno, what should I do?".

I hope everyone enjoys this collection and can walk away with a better understanding of the secrets and beauty that Vana'Diel holds.

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