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Chapter 12: Avatars and You!
Submitted by Xilldon_RDM on Sun, 07/09/2006 - 01:17.

Chapter 12: Avatars and you!

So your a Summoner and just hit 20. What to do now? Continue leveling with Carbuncle or
grab those avatars and have people love you! At level 20 as a Summoner you'll be fresh out

of the dunes and ready to head for Qufim. In the dunes you we're probably Healing or trying

deal some damage. But once you hit that lvl 20 mark so many things open up to you! But you

can only take advantage of these if you go and do these Solo Avatar battles.

Getting ready.

Getting the Quest.

First of all you will need the quest and the Mini Tuning Fork. You dont need to be 20 to get

or do these fights but you will want as much HP as possible so level 20 is a must. The quest

givers are the Non Taru standing next to the Prime quest givers.

N. San d'Oria(E-7)
Port Bastok(I-8)

Armor and Weapons

After you have the Mini Tuning Forks you'll want to get the best gear for these fights. Any HP+

gear you have that you can use as a lvl 20 Summoner bring. You will NEED Physical Earrings,

a Hermits Wand, Compound Eye Circlet, and a Heko Obi +1. The Earrings convert 25 MP to HP,

you may
think its crazy but you only need about 60MP to win these things. The Wand and the Obi
are in the
catagorie of reducing spell interuption. The 2 together take it down 38%. The circlet is for Evasion.

Food and other things.

Food is important durring the fights. The things you MUST have is a Yagudo Drink and Boiled Crab. The

crab raisese your Defence so thats a good thing. Before you go to fight in the city you're in shout

for a Protect and Shell IV. I had no trouble getting it in any place except in Mhaura. They help A LOT!

Many people say that you should have your Summoning Magic skill capped and that you will die without it

but, I didnt have mine capped for any of my battles so I wouldnt say its needed. You will want to bring

4 Hi-Potions and 4 Ethers too.


You'll want macros for Astral Flow, Summoning Carbuncle, and to assault.


/p Carbuncle

/ma "Carbuncle"''

Astral Flow

/p Astral Flow

/ja "Astral Flow" ''


/p Assult >>> ''

/pet "Assault" ''

The Big Showdown

When you are all ready to go kick some serious avatar ass get yourself a Protect and Shell IV trade. The

fork to the quest giver, cast Aquaviel on yourself at the protocrystal, then trade the fork to the crystal

to go to the battle. The battle will basicly be the same for all the avatars but Ramuh. You'll be dropped

off in the battle grounds by the crystal.

Run up to where you turn and summon Carby. While going up the hill use your Yag Drink. Go up to the edge

of the pit just enough to where you dont get aggro and have carby attack. While he runs to attack use your

2 hour and go right up to the avatar prime(as close as you can get) and use your first searing light. Because

of the yag drink carby wont go away. As carby jumps run as fast as you can down to the crystal keeping an eye

on Carbuncles HP. If he dies resummon. By time you resummon Searing Light will be ready so do your seccond one.

This time after he jumps run as fast as you can to the Pit. Most avatars are known to use their 2 hour ability

after the seccond searing light and will kill Carbuncle and hurt you bad. Use a Hi-Potion and resummon Carbuncle.

Just let Carby fight till you can use your last Searing Light. Let Searing Light go and if the avatar is not dead

it should be darn close so just engage it and if you have MP let off a few Banish spells. Doing that you should

beat the avatars no problem. Durring the fight your sure to get hit a few times so the Hi-Potions are for that. The

Ethers are to get your MP high enough to use Searing Light(44MP) or Summon Carbuncle.

For Ramuh you will need 2 yag drinks. At the start of teh fight he will do thunderspark which gives you and Carbuncle paralize.

Just have Carby fight till dead while you run down to the crystal and cast parlyna then recast carby. Use Astral Flow there and

continue as normal.

In the End.

These solo fights will really let you learn how to 2 hour correctly and get you the 6 main avatars. After getting

them partys will be glad and youll be able to solo teh BCNM "Shooting Fish". In the end doing these mayb cost more

Gil then the high lvl ones but you'll get a lot more experiance from it and its well worth it.

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