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Chapter 6: Promyvion
Submitted by ravenclaw on Wed, 01/05/2005 - 18:54.

If you are anything like me, then you've sat there wondering why you
bought Chains of Promathia. I never went anywhere because I was too
intimidated by places like Bibiki Bay (Maior was killed there by weaks)
and Movopolis. Well, let me tell you, Chains of Promathia is actually
pretty cool, you just need to know what to do. Well, Promyvion is the
key to getting the most out of CoP, and you can start it as early as
level 30! The problem is it's hard. Unless you know what you are doing.

Promyvion : The Key to CoP

Since most of us North American's started FFXI with the Zilart
expansion, we don't realize that CoP has many similarities. In Zilart,
we needed special keys to get to Khazam. Likewise, in CoP we need
special "keys" to get to the Tavnazian Archipelago. In CoP, the "keys"
are the Promyvion missions.

To start the Promyvion missions, you must first have Chains of Promathia
installed and your content ID registered. Once you have this, perform
the following:

  1. Visit Lower Delkfutt's Tower. Just go there from Qufim. You will get
    a cutscene as you zone in. (A very cool cutscene).
  2. Next, go to Upper Jeuno. Another cutscene here.
  3. Go to the Infirmary in Upper Jeuno and talk to Monberauxe.
    Another cutscene.
  4. Finally, go to Ru'Lude Gardens and go into the palace. Go to
    the guard room (door to the left of the stairs) and talk to Pherimociel
    for the last cutscene.

Be sure that you have seen 4 cutscenes. If you have not, go back and
figure out which one you've missed.

Once you have finished in Jeuno, head to any of the teleport Crags.
There, you will find shattered crystals. If this is your first time to
the shattered crystal (or if your memory has been erased) you will be
prompted twice before you can actually go in.

You will appear in the "Hall of Transference" near a "Large Apparatus".
If this is your first time in this Promyvion, then you will have to talk
to the Large Apparatus. Otherwise, just go through the Cermet Door.

Inside Promyvion

There are 3 Promyvions, one for each of the main tele-crystals:
Promyvion Mea, Promyvion Holla, and Promyvion Dem. Each one is
different, and there are some subtly different enemies in each, but for
the most part the strategy is the same.

Once inside, you and your party is level capped to 30. Unlike other
level capped quests or missions, experience can be earned here. The
experience earned will be capped to the level 30 and will be applied to
your main class (whatever it is at the moment). When you die, you will
experience a level 30 EXP loss (approximately 300-400 points).

Each of the Promyvion zones are keyed to the most recent Promyvion cut
scene you have seen. This means that you cannot teleport to Dem from
Promyvion Mea and expect to enter the shattered crystal there. If you
want to leave Promyvion, you must talk to the Large Apparatus which will
erase your memory, and allow you to enter any other Promyvion zone.

Each Promyvion is made up of four areas of enemies called "The Empty".
The first floor will consist of EP to DC enemies, second floor will have
EM to T, third floor will have VT to IT, and the fourth floor will have
IT++. This means that you must take precautions as you level to make
sure you and your party is well prepared.

At the end of each Promyvion is a Burning Circle, which takes you to a
BCNM fight. Going up to the Burning Circle you can be in alliances if
you wish (and I recommend it) but once you get into the BCNM fight you
must be in a party no larger than 6.

Party Setup

Some people online will tell you that you can only have certain jobs in
these missions. Some people will even go so far to prohibit many jobs
and races from coming with them. Check online, and you can find href="">guides
so full of hate that you will never want to even try Promyvion. Ignore
what they say! All jobs can be useful in Promyvion (except maybe BST,
but I haven't ever tried it to see).

Even though all jobs can be useful, I would like to cover some that will
make your life easier in Promyvion:

  • RNG/NIN: This is my job, and I am very popular in Promyvion
    missions. I can do a decent amount of damage and can evade many attacks.
    Some people say this is the most important job for Promyvion, but I
    wouldn't go that far. I will say RNG/NIN is the only job I know of that
    can solo these fights (eat that Monks! You and your soloing Dragons! ;-)
  • SMN/WHM: The enemies in Promyvion are elemental (like
    everything else) and easily identified. All jobs have elemental attacks,
    but none can compete with those of the SMN.
  • BRD/??? or RDM/???: Bards and RDMs have some great
    debuffs at 30. Debuffing these enemies is critical for success.
  • BLM/WHM: More great elemental attacks and the ability to
    backup heal.

Otherwise, all other jobs will work. Anyone who can have piercing
attacks (Rangers, Thieves, Dragoons, Samurais, even Warriors with
arrows) should be sure to have their weapon levels skilled up. Piercing
attacks tend to do consistant damage here. Anyone with high
defense/evasion and attack (Warriors, Monks, Thieves) should be ready to
lend a lot of help in dealing with links at the boss attacks. In spite
of what some people may say online these jobs are also critical!

Basic Strategy

Each Promyvion area will have the same basic strategy. The basic idea is
to find a Memory Receptacle in each area so that you can proceed to the
next area. Killing a Memory Receptacle will open a portal to the next
area. These portals last for three minutes, giving you plenty of time to
get a full alliance through them. In other words, don't rush them. You
can't go through them while attacked, so be sure the path is clear for
your whole party/alliance before entering them.

The biggest threat with the Memory Receptacles are the Strays. As you
fight the Receptacles, Strays will spawn. As the Strays attack, they
will link. The best strategy is to keep a second tier mage or two along
with some of the tougher melees on Stray patrol while the rest of the
group kill the Receptacle. Be sure to notice the Stray's elemental
leaning so you can kill them with what they are weak too. Here is an
image showing the Strays and their elements:


  1. Level 1: This area is typically quite small and there should
    only be one Memory Receptacle here. Everything in this area should be EP
    or DC at the most. Often people farm here while waiting for the rest of
    their alliance to show up. Run in here, kill the Memory Receptacle, and
    proceed to the next level.
  2. Level 2: Here you will find EM and T enemies. Even single
    parties should be alright here and sometimes more experienced players
    will go here to farm. In level 2 you will have several Memory
    Receptacles, but most are fake. There will be only one real Memory
  3. Level 3: This is where things get difficult. Here you will find
    anywhere from VT to IT enemies. Lots of enemies link and any single
    party member who panics can destroy an entire alliance. Keep your head,
    and remain calm. Once again, there will be many decoy Memory Receptacles
    and only one real one. This is the last area you will fight a Memory
    Receptacle to proceed, and it could be the hardest part of
    Promyvion for you.
  4. Level 4: In the distance you should see a Spire. This is your
    destination, getting there will be hard as everything here will aggro
    and is IT++. Since you will probably be in an alliance, unless you want
    use some of your members as sacraficial killing buffer, take this area
    very slow. Running through the area single file is a sure way to get
    everyone killed. Do this like marines handle hostile situations in real
    life: one person run across, watch for openings, then signal for another
    to cross. Keep doing this for each member of your group until everyone
    is safe. You really don't need to fight anything here, so your focus is
    to make it across safely.

BCNM Boss Fight

Once in the spire you get to fight the BCNM. Each Promyvion has a
drastically different BCNM boss to fight. These BCNMs are evil, so it is
best to be prepared.

  • Promyvion Mea : Delver (Craver)

    • Brain Spike : Damage attack, one target, utsusemi blocks
    • Impalement : Massive damage attack, one target, utsusemi blocks
    • Empty Trash : Massive damage attack, one target, utsusemi
    • Promyvion Brume : Area effect damage, additional effect of
      poison, hate reset (backup tank is critical)
    • Murk : Area effect slow and gravity
    • Carousel : Massive area effect damage, utsusemi blocks

    Make sure that the melees bring Antidote potions- your healers will
    simply not be able to cure poison fast enough. Hysteroanima is
    terribly useful here, otherwise he will spam spells like you have never
    seen. This BCNM resists hate and it can be very hard to keep your mages
    alive with him unless you have a RNG/NIN with high agility that saves TP
    attacks for moments when he aggros a mage. If you are a monk, use
    hundred fists and be prepared to act as tank for the party. This is
    probably the most nasty boss to fight. If they can afford it, melees
    should really consider bringing Hi Potions.

  • Promyvion Dem / Progenerator (Gorger)
    • Fusion : Spawns an Offspring
    • Vanity Drive : Damage attack, one target, utsusemi blocks
    • Quadratic Continuum : Damage attack, one target
    • Spiri Absorbtion : 200 HP drain attack
    • Promyvion Barrier : Defense boost, Offspring only

    Progenerator spawns small Gorger Offspring, which are weaker than normal
    Gorgers. Offspring will continue to spawn as they are killed off, so it
    is best to sleep and bind them, and not fight. The first half of this
    fight is easy, but after Progenerator gets to 50% HP, he will spam
    Fusion (which can be blocked by Hysteroanima). If you have a blink tank,
    then someone Elemental Sealing + Gravity on Progenerator will make it
    very possible to "kite" him and evade all attacks. This is a pretty easy
    battle if done right.

  • Promyvion Holla / Wreaker (Thinker)
    • Negative Whirl : Damage area attack
    • Empty Cutter : Damage attack, one target, utsusemi blocks
    • Trinary Absorbtion : Drain, one target
    • Trinary Tap : Steals 3 status effects, one target, annoying
    • Stygian Vapor : Area effect plague and hate reset
    • Shadow Spread : Area effect curse and sleep.

    Everyone should bring poison potions to avoid sleep and Holy Water for
    curse. If he can get off Shadow Spread, you are doomed. Hysteroanimas
    every 20 seconds or so will save you from it. If done right, this isn't
    a bad fight at all. Trinary Tap is more annoying than anything else
    since you have to rebuff constantly. If you can keep a sole WHM far away
    from the battle to heal and wake people up as needed, this fight goes
    much faster.

After Promyvion

After your third Promyvion BCNM, you will be warped to Lufaise Meadows.
This activates a cutscene and signals the start of Chapter 2 for Chains
of Promathia.

You will now be able to use the swirling vortexes in Valkurm Dunes and
Quifm Isle for teleporting to Lufaise Meadows and the Misareaux Coast.
From there, you can walk to the Tavnazian Safehold and start the next
set of CoP missions.

Totally different and yet viable strategy

Okay, I just had a few successful Promy runs this weekend, and we employed some radically different strategies. So, I thought I'd share them.

Firstly, we didn't do an alliance. It was just one party, us. We found that with 6 people it was a lot easier to get through without aggro.

Secondly, we didn't need any fancy potions or medicines for the boss battles. We were actually able to complete them no problem.

Thirdly, we actually had the RNG's stand back and blast the strays while two SMN's and one WAR/NIN (me) took down the MRs. Typically, the RNG's were able to kill the strays (even on the 3rd level) in one or two hits. So, their job was just to keep the strays off of me (the tank) and the mages.

So, in a nutshell, here was out basic battle plan:

1) On levels 1-3, find the MRs. RNG widescan to find them, track them, and run to them. On levels 2 & 3 we got there with no aggro if possible.

2) When fighting the MR, the WAR/NIN stands next to the MR but with their back to the columns. The MR have an AoE attack that knocks you back, so, with your back to the column you stay put.

3) After the defeat of each MR, we step through the portal, and heal on the other side. Rinse and repeat until level 4.

4) Level 4 is a major pain. You have no map, and you can't widescan the tower. I suppose if you know where you are going, it may not be so bad, but it certainly isn't just a straight run to the tower. I found Promy Mea to be the most complex on the 4th level. If you get aggro to the tower, the melees need to provoke or engage the enemy and drag it to the zone. Basically, the melees need to keep the WHM alive so the WHM can come back and raise them. Don't worry about losing EXP here, if you succeed in the ENM you will get 3000 EXP.

5) Fight the ENM. This is your basic BCNM-type battle. Don't need to bring potions/medicines unless your healers suck. You will probably have to two hour these if you are a melee.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Other jobs

Great post, btw, Raven.

I just read this thread on a MNK getting turned down on Promyvion. Basically, the posts that follow tell in simple terms that all DD are useful in Promyvion battles. So, it goes along with what you are saying as well ;-)

Vis Maior's Journeys


"If you are anything like me, then you've sat there wondering why you bought Chains of Promathia."

nope still dont have it but it sounds kinda interesting with the new areas and such so i dont really know anything... but good job on all the info :)
"Shikin Harimitsu Dai Komyo"

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