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Chapter 1: Beds, Bath, & Beyond
Submitted by raprot on Wed, 12/15/2004 - 00:50.

Every day we play in a huge world of monsters and mayhem, but the one place we really take for granted is the same place we almost always end up at the end of the night: our Mog.

There are a lot of perks that our mogs can give us, even outside of the mog. It's important that you know about furnishings so that you can use them to your advantage. First, lets start by describing what Moghancements are and what types there are.

Moghancements: These are special enhancements that you can receive. Each piece of furniture and painting that you add to your mog carries one of these benefits. They give general boosts to all different things between synthing and death.

Experience - Reduces your experience loss after each death.

Desynthesis - Reduces your loss of items while desynthing objects. Desynthing happens when you take armor/weapons/plants and break them into their original elements using a lightening crystal. (Ex. Yagudo Necklace + Lightening = Copper Ingot)

Gardening - Reduces the chances of plants withering when gardening.

Fishing - Increases your results while fishing.

Region - Raises amount of region points granted to your country during conquest.

Elemental - Every item of furniture that you buy has an elemental status. These add together toward reducing your chance of losing materials while systhing with those crystals.

The most important advantage you can quickly and easily use is the Experience moghancement. This enhancement is received when you place any of five beds into your mog. Every time you die you normally lose 10% of the experience it takes for your next level. So, at level 30 I need a total of 4500 experience points to reach level 31. When I die, I lose 450 experience points. Now if I add a bed I reclaim a percentage of this loss. Percentages are as such:

Bronze Bed - 5% regained

Mahogany Bed - 10% regained

Noble's Bed - 25% regained

Therefore, when I have a Mahogany Bed in my mog and I die, instead of losing 450 exp. points I will only lose 405 exp. points. That's 10% of the original 450 regained. This is a small savings right away, but overall this could save a lot of experience.

Beds also carry Moogle quests which are beneficial to gaining more Mog storage. To look into these quests and find out more information on Moghancements and what items give them, you can go here:

Moghancement Guide

Also, if you're interested in reading one person's experience with beds and Experience Enhancements, you can go here:

My Experiments with Death

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