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Chapter 8: Strange Apparatuses
Submitted by ravenclaw on Wed, 05/25/2005 - 14:45.

Littered around Vana'Diel- in the deepest, darkest dungeons, or the highest, hidden mountains- are Strange Apparatuses. Made from the same bone-white material as the Teleport and Promyvion Crags, these Apparatuses lurk behind false walls and hum with the inner workings of technologies unknown. But what are these devices, and what can they do for us?

Finding a Strange Apparatus

There are several Strange Apparatuses all over the world. Some are operational, and some are not. No matter what nation you are from and no matter where you wind up in the world, there is an Apparatus nearby.

There are strange apparatuses in the following dungeon areas. I have included maps that indicate where you can find each of them (if you have difficulty finding these maps, then see the full list here).

Dangruf Wadi : Fire/Red : E-11
Gusgen Mines : Earth/Brown : J-5 on 2nd map
Ordelle's Caves : Wind/Green : E-12 on 2nd map
Crawler's Nest : Water/Blue : J-8 on 3rd map
Garliage Citadel : Light/White : J-8 on 3rd map
Eldieme Necropolis : Ice/Blue : J-13 on 4th map
Maze of Shakrami : Dark/Black : K-10 on 2nd map
Outer Horotuto Ruins : Lightning/Purple : E-6 on 5th map
King Rampere's Tomb : NOT ACTIVE : E-7 on 2nd map
Rangeumont Pass : NOT ACTIVE : E-4
Fei'Yin : NOT ACTIVE : G-6 on 1st map

Now that you've found it, what do you do with it?

Once you have located the Strange Apparatus, you will need two items. The first is an Infinity Core which is a drop from Dynamis. It can also be purchased from the AH (often for around 10k).

The second item is a colored chip which can be purchased from special Goblin vendors from around Vana'Diel. These vendors are actually guild vendors because they have holidays, operational hours, and even discounts. What guild they are a part of is anyone's guess. These vendors can be found at the following places:

  • Blabbivix @ F-6 in Bastok Port
  • Gaudylox @ F-4 in Sand'Oria North
  • Scavnix @ H-4 in Windhurst Walls

These Goblin guild vendors sell chips for ~21k each, depending on the unknown guild's holiday and your fame (possibly even ranking in the guild). The chips correspond to the elements associated with each Apparatus. You purchase a chip specific to the Apparatus you are going to use.

For example, if I wanted to use the Strange Apparatus in Crawler's Nest, I would purchase one Infinity Core and one Blue Chip.

You take the core and the chip to the Apparatus. When you click on the Apparatus, a strange voice enters your head. The voice is distorted, and you cannot make what it says out entirely, but it sounds somewhat similar to the following:

" the...morph Matter Emulator... inf... core and.. a .elementally ccompatible chip to begin...item replication...process..."

"If you...a , emulation...settings will...adjuste...according..."

"...emulator...will now conduct...user authorzation. Please input...your 8-digit password..."

You are then prompted for a password. After you input your password, you can trade the core and the chip to the Apparatus. The Apparatus will churn and hum, and soon produce some new object which is your "reward".

What is the "reward"?

The object to receive from the Apparatus could be a number of different things. You could get special rune armor for specific to a job. You could get rare synthesis items such as Cerment Chunks and Adaman Nuggets. You could even get an Arcane Flowerpot. Each of these rare items can be worth a small fortune making the Apparatus a potential money maker.

You could get any of those desirable items... or you could get an elemental cluster.

Because of this, the Strange Apparatuses are really something of a gamble. You may win big and be rewarded with an item worth millions of gil. Or you may spend 30k for an Earth Cluster.

Can I beat the odds? What's this about a "password"?

At this time, the password for the device is not known. Whatever password you put in will likely just set you as an "Apprentice". Even if you somehow find a password that elevates you, it may or may not make any difference with respect to what you may get.

However, there is a way to make the odds lean in your favor. Sam and I have tried this several times now, and every single time we try on the same day as the element we get a cluster. Horotuto Ruins on Lightnings Day gave us both Lightning Clusters. Crawler's Nest on Windsday gave us both Wind Clusters. So, if you can avoid trying on the same day as the elemental affinity of the Apparatus, you may get lucky. (This makes sense when you think about how oversaturation works in Gardening- sam)

In addition to this, when you check each device, you can get some indication of how strong its element is that day. Usually, the devices are even stronger when the elemental associated with them is in the area.

For example, in Crawler's Nest, when there is a Water Elemental in the area, checking the machine says that it is "dripping with condensation". Every single time Sam and I have tried the Apparatuses when their associated elemental is active in the area, we have gotten something good.

Of course, this is all just circumstantial evidence. It could be completely random. However, in our experience, this is how it seems to work.

Extra notes

In addition to the comment I made above, I wanted to add some extra notes that Ravenclaw did not mention:

  1. Rumor has it that trading the wrong chip to a machine may result in a super-powerful elemental to spawn and kill you. I have always been too chicken to try this, but it may be a way to force the appropriate elemental there while a friend/teammate trades another core and correct chip.
  2. There is a Cardian somewhere (I forget where) who speaks of a password. I've tried my darnedest to remember where he is so I could try the password he gives, but I have searched all over Windy to no avail.
  3. Some people in forums have suggested that the password is more of a way to identify yourself than anything else. If this is true, you should probably keep entering the same password each time.
  4. You should never use the same apparatus repeatedly. You should move to another one. Every time I have used the same apparatus multiple times, I have gotten clusters.
  5. At least one person has suggested that the apparatuses need to charge between uses. I.e., no one should use the apparatus again for X days.
  6. I have never seen a Gil Seller use the apparatuses. This tells me it is too random even for them to gamble on. Does not bode well, does it?
  7. Several people have suggested that the password can be obtained somewhere in the new CoP areas. Where is anyone's guess.

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