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Chapter 3: Dragon Summer
Submitted by raprot on Wed, 12/29/2004 - 23:45.

There are a lot of new areas that came with the expansion pack CoP. Unfortunately almost all of these places are deadly to everyone but high levels. Of course, Promyvion is level capped at 30. What most people don't know, though, is that Promyvion is the door to Tavnazia. Before you can enter that territory you need to defeat all 'three' Promyvion BCNMs. In so many ways I feel like my character's level is all that stands between me and exploring the world. Of course, Fame is another effective block, but I haven't had a problem with that as of yet.

Nonetheless, I've also read that along with the coming of Bahamut (greatest and eldest Wyrm of them all) six new dragons have arrived with him. Each one has an elemental affinity, which has also lead to gossip that there must be eight dragons (eight elements) and two have yet to be found. All of these dragons rank 90+, so they require full high level alliances and take around 2 hours to fight. Some of the dragons also fly which makes meelee fighters useless.

Understand that not all dragons are NMs. Many are regular mobs that spawn in the middle of tunnels. Their levels are much lower, but they're just as evil. For a better look at all of the dragons in the game, go here:



For now I'll leave you with two pictures of an amazing adventurer who just wanted to poke the dragons. ;P To bad that's the last thing he was able to do.

"Tiamat - Attohwa Chasm"

"Vrtra - King Ranperre's Tomb"

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